Hi Everyone.

As a young Christian without fail every night I will pray this simple prayer. Lord, give me a chance to share with my family about your love and how you have come so that we may have life and have it abundantly. I pray out of fear, fear that if one of my family members should leave me without knowing the Lord. I will never have the chance to meet him/her again. My prayer was repetitive, without any action sometime I am tired I just mumbled through the prayer so that I can sleep well.

Early April 1980, I received bad news about my Father suffering a cardiac arrest in Hong Kong, I was very scared , I realised I have done nothing to share the love of God to Father . My father has a complicated heart problem and has to undergo a series of operation which only can be done in Houston.I left on 12th April alone to Houston with my father, he was in an unconscious state but by God grace he survived his first operation and recover consciousness .A Vietnamese nurse shared the Gospel with him and he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal saviour. Miraculously he turns for the better and can sit up and even walk slowly around the hospital. People from all walks of life visited and pray with him, he was happy. I also remember one night he asked me to go home early to rest and told me that every night when he sleeps he can see two white images like angel next My Father pass away on 12th May in his sleep just before his second operation. As I recall those time ju st after my father passed away, there was a sense of peace and calmness in me , many would imagine at my young age of 20 , I will be too traumatised and loss at what to do . By God grace, the holy spirit was with me and I was able tell my mum and family about the GOOD NEWs of father accepting Christ and not only my Father have a Christian funeral but overnight my mum accepted Christ Little did I know that God have answered my seven year’s prayer and give me a chance to witness my father accepting Christ and for me to share with my family about this wonderful god.

I am especially comforted by a sermon I heard in Houston from the book of Roman Chapter 8:

1. Roman 8:28 – And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him who have been called according to his purpose

2. Roman 8:35 – Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword…..or death

3. Roman 8:37 – No in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who love us.

”To be more than a conqueror” meant to me to have faith that God always love us and always work for good for those who love Him , even if my Father did not make it although it was so close , even when everything around us look so messy and unjustified , even when bad things happen to good people …

Last few years as a very ambitious and restless businessman I am doing so much but spreading myself thin and losing focus. My health is not good and I am very easily affected by the news and people around me. I was seeking to restore myself with GOD for strength and wisdom. I accepted my sister in law invitation to Living Faith Church (LFC).

On my first visit to LFC I was touch by the Holy Spirit when worshiping GOD with the song “Be still and know I am God “psalm 46: 10. As I meditated on the word of the song, the same serenity that provide me the courage and wisdom when my Father pass away, prevail over me. After worshipping God with Song, Pastor John invites all those who are affected by the current economic downturns or looking to restore themselves to GOD to come forward for him to pray for us. I spontaneously came forward with Stella to the front to pray. As Pastor John prayed, I felt as if someone have informed him about my state of mind and He has purposely prepared the prayer for me. I was again reminded on his promises in Roman Chapter 8; we not only have a sovereign GOD but loving GOD and how nothing will be able to separate His Love for us.

Pastor John sermons speak very clearly to me because is always simple and relevant.. As a god fearing businessman and counsellor, he can relate to the man on the street that are bombarded day in day out with uncertainties in the financial market, pressures of work and family life. Pastor John constantly reiterate how relevant the Words of God is in our daily lives, how we should internalise God’s word in our heart, soul and mind to empower us in our daily life . It is in LFC that I realised what have been happening me is like climbing a ladder and much effort is taken to chose the right ladder to climb up the wall in the shortest time with the least effort, Sad to say when at the top , I realise my ladder is leaning on the wrong wall. A wall that can crumble anytime and also not within my control. Climbing up is easy but climbing down is always more difficult especially if the wall can collapse anytime.Today my wall is Psalm 18:2 The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

When I am stressed or face with problem I will paused and asked is this problem greater than death and pray for a stillness in GOD to overwhelm me with a quiet mind, it shut the noise of the world and worries. . That quietness within my soul allow me to seek refuge in God and hear Him with clarity and patience . The patient to wait for GOD lead me to understand John 14:20 At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me and I in you. Unless one acknowledges Christ as Son of God and wait on him, words cannot explain the faith we have that God is with us.

I thank God for bringing me to LFC and knowing Pastor John, my soul is not only restored to GOD but I also receive a calling to serve the Church and see a need in the Church. In conclusion and summary, during the beginning of the year, Pastor John have install Lamentation 3 – 21-25 as our Church theme verse for the year, it reads 21 Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope:

22 Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed,for his compassions never fail. 23 They are new every morning;great is your faithfulness. 24 I say to myself, “The LORD is my portion;therefore I will wait for him.” 25 The LORD is good to those whose hope is in him,to the one who seeks him;

this verse tell us that God’s people can hope in the midst of hurts and hardships and God people can pray in the midst of pains and problems. My hope is in a God that loves us and by Grace I have been saved through faith. I am more than conqueror through Him that loves me, Thank you for listening to my testimony and may the Holy Spirit touch you and lead you to GOD. Amen

To God be the Glory


Steven Choo Singapore

Dear Pastor Lay Geok,

I want to take this opportunity to praise and thank God for all his goodness, love and protection which he has showered on my children and I.

2011 has been a year of many challenges in my life, bringing me to a low point at many junctures. However, holding onto the word of God and making it a point to make it to church or even the lunchtime fellowship despite the way I felt, has truly made me overcome it all. As it says in Luke 4:4, ‘..That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.’

I must also thank God for Pastor John. His sermons and teachings, week after week, has really made me grow deeper in the love of God.

Not forgetting all your wonderful sharing and teachings with much love during our Loving God Ladies Group (LGLG). LGLG with LG has really made me a better woman, better mother and most definitely a better person.

I can boldly and very proudly say that regardless of being a born Christian, only after coming to Living Faith Church, I truly have come to know and understand the love of God. Even though I’m 56 years old, I’m am just learning and growing in His mighty love.

The coming year 2012, my wish and prayers are for all the families in Living Faith Church to glow and grow deeper in His wonderful love for only God’s true and abundant love can sustain us.

May the good lord continue to bless each and everyone of us! All praise and glory be unto him!




My family had been attending Living Faith Church for the past 10 years and had been greatly blessed by Pastor John’s teaching. Over the years I had seen and experienced God’s goodness and faithfulness in our household.

I am especially blessed Pastor’s message on tithe. I am strong advocate for tithing and believe with all my heart that you can never outgive God. I stand on God’s promises that when I am faithful in my tithe then my barns will be filled to overflowing, and my vats will brim over with new wine.

I worked for in the electronics industry and published reports and newspapers indicated a slow down in this industry. However I choose to believe that Jesus is my provider and my increases and promotions are from Him and He continue to bless me thru my Company. Even with the reports circulating around with slow down, I still received a 4 figure increment this year. Praise the Lord! On top of this increment, for the 1st 6 months of our fiscal year, my account is the only one exceeding budget. This is never me but God’s grace and faithfulness that had seen me thru. Infact over the past 3 years when I’m in this role, I had exceeded budget yearly and I believe this year will be my best year thus far. Just as the famine did not affect Joseph and this slowdown will not come close to me because I know God will rebuke the devourer for my sake because I choose to honor God with my tithe.

I hope this testimony will encourage more to see the financial break thru in tithing.

Glory to Jesus !! Jenny Chong

Jenny Chong

Dear Beloved Pastor John, Pastor Lay Geok and all at Living Faith Church

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My heart is filled with gratitude to Abba Father who completely restored my life and empowered me with His love.

When I came to Singapore, I was I heavily burdened. There were many issues with my family and friends. I was at a lost. I did not know how to cast my cares. All I saw was darkness. I prayed for God to make a way out for me.

By the grace of God, I attended Living Faith Church. I listened to the Word of God through Pastor John and joined beloved Pastor Lay Geok in the intercession ministry. I Ed to receive God’s empowerment and began to trust the Lord in every thing. I learned to cast all my cares to Him, obey His Word and surrender every thing to Him by faith in Christ Jesus. I learned to allow God to speak to me during my prayer time.

The word of the Lord through Pastor John ministered to me mightily. The darkness in my life was supernaturally gone. I am not longer affected because i choose to believe and to trust the Word of the Lord

When issues arise, I arise in Christ Jesus! My work is blessed and there are breakthroughs after breakthroughs in my family. My dreams and visions become reality.

I give glory and thanksgiving to our Loving God for giving me precious instruments of God in our beloved Pastor John and beloved Pastor Lay Geok to lead the church in the great blessing of God. to enjoy the abundance of blessedness life in Christ Jesus!!it’s really true that when we have a living faith in God we are alive through His Word.

I enjoy God’s Restoration of my life in all areas. Glory to the most High God.



Dear Pastor John and Pastor Lay Geok,

We want to thank you both for all the encouragements, love and prayers that you both have blessed us with.

God is so good to us and we have been very blessed through the anointing of love and God’s power through both Pastor John an Pastor Lay Geok’s giftings of prophecy And love. Living Faith Church provides indeed an oasis of love and courage to us in the midst of our wilderness. Pastor John’s prayers have brought us a breakthrough in our financial position as he also taught us to take a step of obedience, yield and flow into the uncertain future in Sydney in his prophecy for this year. After three years of financial losses, my husband finally had a breakthrough with a stubborn debtor paying us what he owed us earlier this year and he started a lucrative job last week! God is good and your prophetic teachings have helped us get through our wilderness.

“Now glory be to God! By His mighty power at work within Living Faith, God is able to accomplish exceedingly more than we would ever dare to ask or imagine.” (Ephesians 3:20).

May God bless you both abundantly for all the good work that you do in Living Faith.

Elizabeth and Stuart

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” (Psalm 23:1) This verse has always intrigued me, even from young, when I used to memorise Psalms for Sunday school classes. Surely enough my life has become a testament of this verse.

I was born into a Christian family, never failing to go to church on Sundays. Only much later did I realise that the foundation of the belief was not quite solid. Through many a difficult times of trials and tribulations, we persevered through thinking it was on our own strength, but ended up drifting further and further from church. We never stopped believing, but were just overwhelmed by all that was going on. I had almost become sceptical.

Even when we seem like we may have gone astray, God sees and knows all. He kept reaching out to us, through the power verses leading to the living faith church. Every message of Pastor John spoke to me, almost revitalising and rejuvenating my spirit and faith.

I was at a very odd place with my work. I did not know where I was going and everything was just a blur, just going through the motions almost.

I heeded the word, yielded my life unto the good Lord and simply believed. The word in season for that year was to behold the glory of His majesty. And truly I did.

I got my first big break to art direct a four part drama series, early 2010. It was a really tough project and rather demoralising and even then God spoke to me through Pastor John. I simply worked as unto the Lord.

God truly let me behold the glory of his majesty. From that one project, I’ve had jobs coming in back to back, even with adequate rest in between, when it is a really tough period. And of recent I have asked the Lord to enable work appropriately so that I can serve the Lord through the music ministry as often as I can and he is making the way.

For as long my Lord, my shepherd is with me, I truly shall not want.

He is truly the greatest, nothing and no one else. All honour and glory be unto our Lord who is worthy or all our praise.


Aloysius Norman Singapore

Hi Everyone.

We joined this church in 2003. Since then, it has been a great walk of faith.

During the initial period of attending this church, our faith group members were so helpful to give us a lift to church on Sundays as we didn’t own car then. So they would ferry us without fail together with our stroller and baby Valerie.

In that same year, our company was operating but barely maintaining the overheads. And we were not able to grow the company as there were no breakthrough in sales that was sustainable. We were at the cross roads of our life whether to carry on, sell the biz or simply quit and go back to corporate life. We were so worried about our business as our operating expenses were very high and we do not have any other source of financial funding or help.

Our first email to Pastor John was dated 21st May 2003. We were asking him things about “Prosperity Teaching”. He told us that God wants his children just to serve Him alone and not money. But many Christians and Non-Christians are serving money unknowingly and worried about money issues.

Later on, we asked Pastor John & Pastor LG to pray & advised us. They assured us that we are faithful servants of the most high God. They also shared that as long as we can profit from the sale of business, we can always move on and venture into another area. They also share with us they own little secret on business which is “trust in the Lord to provide for the next month”

So the burden & the confusion was lifted after that meeting. Thereafter, we simply took a step a day, one thing at a time. Listening to the church “tapes” every day in and out. Yes, believe me, there were “tapes” then.

There are occasions of difficult times but God has seen us thru every time with more and more blessing. Our breakthrough came in 2005. Our business partner left us for his own pursue and God turn that out to be one of the best things that has ever happened. With his departure, we went through months of adjustment and a business associate which we have been trying to link up with decide to work with us. Through that new working relationship, our business prospered exceedingly.

It would seem to be an almost impossible task when pastor John gave us a prophesy and challenge in 2006. That the Lord would increase our income 10 fold. We have since fulfilled this prophesy. Thru this pulpit teaching, we have learned to act on the Word of God thru believing, confessing, agreeing, sowing and reaping. We saw ourselves growing in the Word of God.

Our mindset has changed from asking about “prosperity teaching” to teaching others to live a faith-filled life of blessing & abundance But truly God & both the pastors has witnessed this incredible miracle. We thank both Pastor John & Pastor Lay Geok who taught us the Word in the light of faith. We have received much revelation on the word of faith during these years of sitting under their ministry.

This is esp to Pastor John & Pastor LG : Thanks for obediently preaching the word tirelessly week after week for the past years. Your efforts has not been futile but has greatly impacted the kingdom of God. As pastor John have always shared in his sermon, being a Millionaire for Christ is going to be a “normal thing” in Living Faith Church. We are indeed born millionaires from Living Faith Church.

We want to share this testimony to encourage those of us who needed to hear & believe that God is truly pleased in the prosperity of his servant.

We give all glory to God!

Thomas Tan Singapore

I studied in a catholic schools since young, I kind of had the idea that God existed. But knowing He exist and knowing Him are two completely different things. I knew the Hail Mary, I attended mass and heard stories from the bible, but I didn’t have a personal relationship with God and I didn’t know how either. I didn’t have many Christian friends and attending church wasn’t something interesting to me. Without a direction and purpose in life, I grew up as a unmotivated teenager living a day by day with a sense of emptiness inside. I had many friends, we played and laughed and attended parties, but when the music stopped and party came to an end, when all the glitters were gone and i was all alone, I always felt uncertain and afraid of my future.

I am the eldest in the family, I have a brother and a sister. being the eldest in the family, I subconsciously knew I had to set an sample for both of them. It’s always easy to be a good role model in good times, but when things got rough for the family, I had to maintain the kind of impression but behind that image was nothing but fear.

However, in 2001 by the amazing grace of God, someone recommended us to Living Faith Church. We came that Sunday and the first message we heard Pastor John preached was – be strong and courageous. The message was truly timely and uplifting and now I know that it was no coincidence. There was something attractive about this church and I felt good being there. We came back Sunday after Sunday, and before long our whole family gave our lives to Christ. Living Faith Church has been our spiritual home ever since. This was where I received my spiritual nourishment, this was where I discover the reason for living, this was where impossibilities became reality. Courage, love and strength overflowed from this oasis into my life.

Since then God has been doing exciting things in my life. Over the last 10 years, in every phase of my life God was faithful to bless me. It was not a bed of roses, there were challenges and issues. But Living Faith Church was a steadfast support system that always encourage me to move onward and forward. The teachings from this pulpit never fail to help me see how much greater Jesus is. Things that bothered me much in the past, don’t affect me anymore.

Serving the Lord together with Pastor John and Pastor Lay Geok in this church has indeed been one of the most precious thing in this lifetime. Thank you Pastor for your labor of love. My life wouldn’t be so blessed if not for your ministry.

Keith Low Singapore

I was introduced to Loving God Ladies Ministry by a friend of mine who’s an ex-school teacher. It was also God’s plan for me to be there where I can know God better to receive my breakthroughs.

I really enjoyed Pastor Lay Geok’s teaching as she was most anointed in her presentation of God’s word. It was refreshing, renewing and reviving to me. God’s word spoken through her came alive and built up my faith. I felt my passion for God grow. It has become inspirational to me and I desire to know God more and to obey Him. God’s love has changed me. The Word is where I now find direction and the greatest source of relief and comfort. I am a perfectionist and used to allow fear to cripple me whenever I am faced with difficulties. Now, I can surrender my cares to Him because I am walking in His truths and believing by faith Abba Father has a solution ahead for my every situations. Only He is perfect. He knows and call me by my name and I rest knowing He will never leave me nor forsake me. Satan is a liar and he has no power over me unless I gave him permission. Each time I attend the teaching, my thoughts pattern are renewed and I can see my solutions from the scriptures. I have also received victory and overcome the strongholds of fear in my life and reached a new level of freedom and peace in Him through more revelation of His Word and love for me. I went from being religious to being a follower of Jesus Christ. I went from fear to absolute assurance of His perfect love for me.

I am very thankful for Pastor Lay Geok’s love and prayers for me and my children. She taught me to pray in faith believing in the kindness of God. She taught me to declare God’s word and speak zoe life and blessings to my family and children. I have seen God answered her prayers each time we prayed. I saw God intervened into my children’s life, His unmerited favour and protection for them. We are all so blessed and thank God my children are all well.

With all my hearts, I want to thank you Pastor Lay Geok for your love, prayers and guidance for me and all the ladies in the group. WOW…..what a difference it has made for me both spiritually and personally! I’ve gained so much in every areas of my life. You taught us how to be like the woman in Proverbs 31 too. How to be a better wife who respect and support our husband and to be a loving mum. I hv really benefitted through your teaching. You modeled how to love God, your family and your church family. You showed us how to pray, how to keep our eyes on the prize when there seemed to be no way to overcome. You reminded us to “REMAIN IN ME, I WILL REMAIN IN YOU, AND YOU WILL BEAR FRUIT”.

God bless you and your wonderful family, Pastor Lay Geok, for all that you mean to me. God is speaking through you in many wonderful ways through your Loving God Ladies Ministry and I pray God’s hands will bless you richly. Keep up the good work! You are a blessing!

Love you lots,

Angela Gan Singapore

I have been attending Living Faith Church for 9 years.

I joined The Loving God Ladies Group since the first day it was established and birthed. Throughout all these years, I have been blessed by Ps Lay Geok’s sermons and I thank God for her.

Many times when I am facing problems and need God’s wisdom and direction, I would pray and ask Him to speak to me through Ps Lay Geok, and I often receive my answers and my peace is restored. Amen!

The love of our good God has made me a better and stronger person. I can now love, pray and encourage others. Sometimes, God speaks to me to pray for others and thus I encourage myself too.

I want to encourage more ladies to come and be blessed by God through Ps Lay Geok. God loves us so much because we women have more things to take care of and he wants to encourage and strengthen us so we can shine for His glory.

All Glory Be Unto Our Good Lord!

Joni Gan Singapore

Hello, I am Christabell, widow and mother of three wonderful children.

I was born and brought up in an orthodox christian family with staunch parents. I could not immerse myself in the traditional ways, so I was merely a Sunday christian. I grew up and accepted God but was unable to truly grow in my faith, limited by the traditional ways.

After the death of my husband and all the bitter and bad experiences which took place in my life, I stopped going to church. (2003) However, God was merciful and compassionate to me. In 2008, I saw an advertisement from Living Faith Church in the Today newspaper. I subscribed to the free power verses. I enjoyed reading the power verses everyday and was like a tonic to my life. I felt as though God was guiding me, comforting me through the power verses but the challenges in my life were like giants and I could not go on fighting it in my own strength and I could not find any solutions. The pressure was getting more and more and I could not take it anymore.

One day I cried out to God for a solution and He told me to go to church. I was very reluctant because of all the past incidents which took place in my life but God reminded me that he was with me all the way, even through the power verses. That was when I came to Living Faith Church. (May 2009) I attended the lunchtime fellowship with my second son. God spoke to me through Pastor John Lim on the first day itself. I felt peace in my heart and even my son felt the same way. I continued to go for all the other services. God marvelously used Pastor John and Living Faith Church to change my entire life. All my pains and sorrows went away gradually, even as I cast them all to God. He provided the solutions to all my challenges.

God used Pastor Lay Geok to strengthen and heal my broken heart through the Loving God Ladies Fellowship. I learnt how to build up both my life and family. God has restored my heart, soul and body and transformed me from a bitter person to a better person.

I thank God for both my pastors. They truly are a wonderful couple that God has sent to renew my life and fill my heart with the joy and strength of the Lord. It is through them that I am connected with my Lord again.

As Psalms 146:9 says, God will sustain the fatherless and the widow. God is faithful to his promises when we fully surrender to him.

My family and I are truly blessed and will be a blessing to others.

All praise, glory and honour be unto our God.

Christabell Singapore

Dear Pastor John

The following is my testimony to glorify Jesus.

A Christian for many years, I was not sure of God’s love, goodness, faithfulness and His empowerment.

My life journey since day one is littered with many trials and tribulations. Childhood days were no bed of roses. Dangers lurked and threatened my life at every level and I survived them all by the grace of God. An incident that stood out occurred when I was a young boy of 10 years old; while riding a tricycle along a narrow wooden plank over a deep canal, I lost balance and plunged into it with my head pierced by the metal handle without rubber insulator. Seeing me breeding profusely, many thought that I would have died but I managed to climb up. Some good souls came to render medical assistance.

Another incident worth mentioning is my close shave with death, also during childhood days. My mother was with my sister, helping her out during the confinement of her first born baby. I stayed home as my primary school was nearby. My sister’s house was located many kilometres away. I was put under the charge of an elderly cousin sister-in-law whose husband is a chinese sin-seh. One fine day, she suddenly realised that I was missing for a week. She told her husband who found me in my room sleeping with very high fever. He quickly prescribed and boiled some chinese herbs and after drinking, I became well miraculously. My brain cells did not burn up. I did not become retarded nor insane. Thank God for His merciful hand upon me.

In the early years of my married life, I also struggled financially. I was a sole bread winner as my wife stayed home to take care of our two precious children, a boy and a girl. I could not afford giving tithes regularly. Until now, my wife is still a non-believer. Quarrels ensued whenever she came to know that I paid tithes. But she is an asset and blessing to me as she have brought up my two children exceedingly well. Both are very successful in their study and career. They are very filial and sensible, giving us generous monthly allowances.

I received no breakthrough even after becoming a Christian. I was afflicted with serious sicknesses during my youth, one surgery followed after another. Consequently, my health was badly affected. I felt very helpless, rejected and dejected. I was in a terrible state of pain and shame, wondering whether all my effort and sacrifice to promote the gospel are worthwhile. In fact, I was tempted several times to give up my faith.

Following all these woes, a light suddenly appears at the end of the tunnel which led me to a former churchmate. He shared with me many revelations in the church through pastor John’s teachings. Pastor is also able to make his sermon easy and interesting to learn. I learn a lot from his teachings.I am now confident that I am a child of the most high God. He loves me and does not condemn me despite all my sins. He neither leaves me nor forsakes me. He is watching over me. He is always there for me. With His grace and love, I am well protected and provided.

From the natural standpoint, I’m aware that my career is gone, my health suffered, financially weak and my wife is yet to be saved. Needless to say, I am still harbouring and nursing the pain and shame I went through all these years. Pastor’s revelation and godly counsel is supernatural operation. Walking supernaturally gives me the assurance that I have recovered and built up my financial reserves through a second career at right young age of 66 come 6 Aug 2010. My health has now been restored after taking Jesus’ blood and broken body during weekly Holy Communion on the Sunday service. I will definitely live long and live strong. Like the cedar of Lebanon, I will grow old gracefully and in my old age, I will bear abundant and excellent fruits to bless all mankind and all nations. Like my two children and daugther-in-law, my wife will soon come to the saving knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ. With man, this is not possible but with God everything is possible.

In a nutshell, I must say that the years the locusts had taken away have now been restored to me in a hundred fold. Such is God’s love, faithfulness, power and blessings. Praise God for pastor’s teachings and revelations.

Lim AK Singapore

Dear Pastor John

Hallelujah! We give thanks and glory to the name of Jesus Christ for His power, His goodness and His mercy in our lives. We declare that this year 2011 will be the best year thus far as we yield and flow in His zoe life! Amen!


I surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ and received Jesus as my Lord and Savior on 18th December 2005.

I went home that afternoon and was going to have my shower.I have a habit before showering to flip through The Straits Times. As usual, I put on my spectacles and was about to start reading. I was shocked when all the words become blur – I just couldn’t see the words! I called out to my wife and she couldn’t understand what was happening either. She suggested that I take off my spectacled and try reading without the spectacles.

Praise the Lord I could see so clearly! Crystal Clear! God healed my eyes. From that day onwards, I didn’t need to wear glasses anymore. Amen & Hallelujah.

Believe and Trust Him! He healed my wife, Judy and restored my vision. He is the same God who also restored our finances from nothing to more than enough. Today, the organization is blessed, employees and family members are blessed – and so we can be a blessing to many. Amen Hallelujah!

Proverbs 10:22 “The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich and he addeth no sorrow with it”. No matter what you are facing, regardless of the impossibility of the situation, you can know the will of God for your life and it shall come to pass.

One Word from God can change your entire life. Today my whole household together with my three grandchildren are serving the LORD. “Just seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

Amen & Hallelujah!

K C Tan & Judy Chew, Singapore

Just writing to say hi and all is going on well for me in Qatar. The only thing is that I miss the services and the messages. Take care and God Bless and multiply Living Faith Church greatly!

Gabriel Khoo

We want to send a great thank you for your visit in our conference here in Arken Church in July. We appreciated very much the messages God gave us through you, and we felt that our faith in the blessings of God came to a higher level.

Margareta Davidsson Arken Church, Sweden

Thank you so much for the word of encouragement. It was like apples of gold in settings of silver. It came at a good time, as we have had a few very strange attacks made upon our church lately. Thank you Bro. John Lim. God bless you and keep you in perfect peace.

Leslie H. Young (Snr Pastor) Living Word Fellowship - USA

It has been 3 months since you prayed and advised us. Since then we have been seen the Hand of God moving in wonderful ways. God has turned around our money losing business. We experienced a 2.5 times increase in our revenue and a 27% monthly profit!’

Lena Lim Josiah Associates Pte Ltd

What a blessing it was to Esther and I to come and worship with you at Living Faith Church. We were inspired and ministered to at the service and uplifted through your sermon.

You have been a source of tremendous blessing especially to those who sat faithfully under your ministry. I have been greatly blessed by your ministry. The principles learned from your teaching (tapes) has seen me through many difficult situations. I have grown to depend more of God and less of myself. Your life has inspired me that in the midst of our busy business schedule, we can also take time to serve God. I want to learn of you, the “Know-How” of using our business as a platform where we can reach out to others through our life journey as businessmen.

John Lee

Beginning of this year our faith group had a prayer meeting to commit all biz plans to our Lord. I prayed for breakthrough for a customer which has been a domain customer for several years with my company. 3 months later breakthrough came. The customer gave us a US$1 million worth of order. Company were happy but I know it is our God that make this happened. I am a strong advocate that we should tithe into God’s kingdom. Last month my company announced bonus payment and I have 4.4 months bonus and this is one of the biggest bonus that I have received since I was saved.

I wanted to give back what God has given me because I know if I cannot handle this small amount God will not be able to bless me with more. I thank God that he will not give me anything that I cannot handle for He knows that my strength is in Him. That includes the moments that my family is going thru now. Thank you Pastor John for the prayers and blessings upon me and my family. I just want to declare that God is really good to us and He is with us.

Jenny Chong

I would like to thank God for His healing power on my daughther, Andrea. By this testimony I want to give all glory, praise and honour to our living God who did not leave nor forsake us. Andrea was running a temperature from 01 Sep. Seen a doctor and under medication. Her fever was hovering around 38.5 – 39.5 for 2 days. On the 2nd night when I returned home and found her to be extremely restless I called the doctor and she suggested sending her to the hospital for observation. She refused and complained that she is very tried and wants to sleep. She is also feeling very cold as temperature is high. We carried her and drove to NUH.

On the make shift tent outside while waiting for the nurse to take her temperature (still at 39.5) I sent a sms to my faith group leader and Pastor Lay Geok. I requested them to pray for Andrea. They did and I can see God’s miracle working on her. She started to be more alert and no longer feeling cold. She was sent for test and results did not show anything negative. Doctor examined her and said it was viral infection and to continue with her current medication. Question is she has been on the same medication for 2 full days and fever did not subside. Hence I am convinced that it is God’s healing that is upon her. It is the prayer of all the faith group members / pastor and friends who know her. I want to thank God once again for the blessing and protection that is bestowed upon us. May this testimony encourage more all of us to continue our focus on God’s goodness regardless of any situation we are in for I have experienced the power of prayer that night. Amen

Jenny Chong

My contract with a company ended abruptly. at that time i was tied down with some commitments thus i couldnt afford to be out of job. After 2 weeks, i got really worried as i didnt have much savings and funds was running out. i remembered Living Faith Church have prayer requests that i could request to be prayed for. Thus i submitted my prayer request and within 1week plus i got a job on the spot of the interview and had 40% increment from my previous pay and it entails me to travel which was wat i prayed for. PRAISE GOD!

Esther C

I am a Hong Kong Christian working in Shanghai. My company sent me to Shanghai to set up a new operation three years ago. By God’s grace, we have overcome many hurdles. Yet we couldn’t get business from international financial institutions which we expected to be a major source of income.

Amid busy work scheules, I have not been praying as earnestly and regularly as before.

Six months ago, I came to my friend’s new office and picked up a book “Praying for your business and job by Pastor John Lim” left by previous tenants. I tried to follow the prayers but not in a very disciplined way. A few weeks ago God spoke to me that I have to pray seriously and regularly. I took the book and followed the prayers.

Thank God His grace is great and always ready for us. Last week we got a client call from Paris. We didn’t know this client and he just happend to get my name card. They asked for some urgent services and products and today we just get it done and will receive the payment in a few days.

I believe that God will continue to bless and give prosperity to my business if I submit it to him and pray with a whole heart.

Thank God. Thank Pastor Rev Dr John Lim for the guidance in prayer and message about encouragement and grace from God

Ivan Chung

I have attended Living Faith for 9.5 years.

It has been an intense learning curve worshipping at Living Faith Church for almost a decade and I have been tremendously blessed by Ps John Lim’s Sunday morning sermons.

Under Ps Lay Geok’s ministry leading the Loving God Ladies Group, I have changed my perception of God’s unconditional love and my spiritual eyes have been opened to ALL the blessings that our good Lord has in store for us, His children, if only we take delight in Him and seek Him first. (Mathew 6:33)

The idea of ‘Enjoying our Good Lord’ seemed foreign until it dawned on me that YES, Abba Father desires intimacy with His children, so we should dwell daily (with joy) in His presence and involve Him in every aspect of our lives. Thus, with this and many other revelations drawn from Ps Lay Geok’s fortnightly Tuesday night teachings, I have begun a new chapter in my relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Amen and Hallelujah!

Valerie Trevor Singapore